Rascal Velumili

From £1824.00 excluding VAT

The Rascal Velumili is a lightweight Aluminium boot Scooter with a high quality State Of Art Lithium Ferro-Phosphate Battery.  Brimming with features, the slimline frame at just 18.6″ wide yet feels sturdy with 8″ dual compound tyres providing a smooth ride, comfortable and spacious seating position for traveling and stability for everyday adventures.

Featuring two easy access charging points, on the tiller or on the removable battery box, which is ideal for indoor charging.  The compact and clever styling with super light front section weighing just 10.2kg makes it exceptional to manoeuvre, with 1150mm turning radius perfect for travelling near or far, at home or overseas.

This 4mph lightweight scooter has a range of up to 11.6 miles, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, it is slick and easy to dismantle in to five pieces.

Added benefit is that this battery is Airline Compliant.