Review of the Mygo Seating with Ki Focus Base

Here at Kent Mobility, we have recently teamed up VIDA to provide the Leckey Seating Range for children. Using our specialist knowledge we have combined the seating with the Ki Focus base to give a bespoke solution to outdoor mobility for children.

Recently we designed this solution for Holly’s daughter, Aubree, who loves her new chair and wanted to tell us all about her experience when looking into options for Aubree.  Here’s what she had to say……..

I contacted Leckey with an interest in the Mygo seat on a wheelchair base for Aubree as she has a Mygo for indoors so I knew it would be suitable, the rep from VIDA contacted John from Kent mobility for me and he came out with an OT to measure up for the seat unit and discuss the base.

I found the whole process very easy, I was unfamiliar with how to go about choosing a chair option and purchasing it as every piece of equipment up until now has come via the NHS so I was very uncertain, but John was very helpful and informative and answered all the queries I had in person and then later via email.

I knew the Mygo would be a great choice for Aubree, I did have a look at other seating options just to see what else was out there but we’re very familiar with the Leckey products and I find them to be very user-friendly and aesthetically appealing, so it was always our top choice.

Having the Mygo Wheelchair has greatly improved Aubree’s wellbeing, appropriate seating is vital, and Aubree had long outgrown the NHS provided specialist pushchair and as her condition is progressive, she was in need of more postural support.

My experience with Kent Mobility has been amazing, informative and stress-free which is a rare thing when dealing with something as complicated as equipment, I feel confident and comfortable knowing that whenever equipment needs arise in the future, I can turn to Kent Mobility.

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